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17 March 2012

Brand new game—
Spatial Integration released!!!

It's been over a year, and it's time to get back into the gaming! I've had this one 90% done since the end of last summer, but never got around to it... So I figured it's time to throw it out to the web. Later versions will have sound, more level sets, etc., but the current version is no beta - it's the full thing. Though a deceptively simple game, it can be challenging, (frustrating), and fun! Check it out!
16 February 2011
Moving the book stuff to the publishing portion of the site, where it really belongs... This page will be reserved for games and game news.

Also adding a new status for unfinished projects, because there seem to be an awful lot of those...
14 February 2011

Maze IV Version 3.0 released!!!
Maze IV is back, and now (through a wise suggestion by Anthony A. Birch) with sound! Fixed a few glitches on the level 4 & 13 maps, borrowed the explosion effects from the expansion pack, and, finally, added sound and music to the game!

2 January 2011
Another game is in the early developement phase, most of the rest (Darizel, Maze I, Jump3, etc.) being abandoned for a while. More on this if time permits.
5 August 2010

Maze IV Expansion Pack Released!!!!!

The Maze IV Expansion Pack is complete! Explore ten new, huge levels with a whole bunch more secret areas and difficult mazes, including a secret area with over one thousand points (in all gold gems!)
18 July 2010
The Maze IV Expansion Pack is about 90% complete - should be coming shortly.
8 June 2010
Whoever said “AWESOME!!!!!!!! Especially level 20, that map is HUGE!”: Thanks!! This brings Maze IV back to my attention - it seems to be the site's most popular game, so I'm planning on an expansion pack! (Sometime this summer).
25 May 2010
I'm going to put up a section containing all my CS projects from this quarter - some of them are entertaining, and I reckon Maze Generator can be expanded into something... let's call it Maze S (S is the Roman Numeral for ½). Also, I'm hoping to get a sitewide puzzle/challange set up over the summer.
21 April 2010
My sincerest apologies that nothing has been added to this site for ages. College work is very demanding, and there is no time for games. Eventually, I will finish Maze I and Darizel, but not before the summer...
5 November 2009
The site is back up, but I've got a lot of schoolwork, so it will be a while before anything happens...
2 September 2009
This site is now on Facebook!
|Struthers Games Facebook page|

28 August 2009

Maze II Released!!!!!

I realised that I still had the files from about seven years ago when I initially started making games with JavaScript. Amazingly, one of these is actually a decent game (when it works, which it rarely does). The only problem is that it is imcompatible with most browsers. (IE works best). Still, it is fun and good for people who are apprehensive of downloading things online - it requires no download.
This is one of my first games - created before even Maze3d (Maze3D is the third installment in the "Maze" series, this is the second), yet it is one of my best games (despite the graphics). Just shows how we don't really improve...
6 August 2009
You can now sort the games on the main page by user rating or difficulty, so that the most popular come up first, or the ones that players find the easiest.
See them in order of difficulty | See them in order of popularity

5 August 2009

Maze I Beta version Released!!!!!

I realised that I've had "Coming Soon" written as its status for about a year, so I figured I should release something. This version is fairly glitchy, sorry, but I think it works. If the normal one does not try maze1bypass.exe, which skips the start menu.
31 July 2009
Worked a little on RS3 but its still not going anywhere... Sorry for the long delay on Maze I also, it's daunting to try and make over 100 levels, so I'm only halfway there.
18 May 2009
I got a comment on Maze IV that called it "o melhor jogo do mundo!"
To this I say:
12 May 2009
Fixed Rnixa's Secret, where there were several embarrassing glitches, including some empty rooms.
Also on 6 May 2009
Just got a comment!
Hi. Really, really enjoying this game. I've beaten it at easy and normal and I'm now battling away through the hard version. But I've landed in a problem area and I hope you can help. I've just turned off the enemies' switch in Phoenix Plai
Unfortunately it got cut off past that... Anyway, yes, I would be delighted to help... just need to know who you are! E-mail me at! And I plan to have a walkthrough eventually... Anyway, thank you so much for playing my games and for the feedback!
(By the way, I am amazed that you are doing the Hard Map ;) )
6 May 2009
Updated this page. No, you cannot download Maze I. I was just using it as an example.
The page is for anyone who is not too good with technology but still wants to try my games.
3 May 2009
The news page was getting a little long, so it now only shows the ten most recent items unless you click the link on top: Show all news.
2 May 2009
Advertisements added to this site! If you want to advertise, contact me at
19 February 2009
Jump3 Version 0.8.1 released!
18 February 2009
A early version of Jump3 released!
16 February 2009
More Jump3 screenshots.
11 February 2009
New jump3 screenshots :).
8 February 2009
New game added to the list!
Jump III

3 February 2009
New game started but not listed yet.
(My graphics really used to suck ;).)

This compares Jump1 to the WIP Jump3.

Also thanks soooooooooo much to everyone at who checked out my games!
27 January
Multiplayer is kind of working!!!

25 January
Just wanted to say "Hello" as I haven't updated this in a long time. Happy new year.
PS: There might be a multiplayer option in Darizel - I'm working on it. Don't tell anyone in case it doesn't work.
14 December
Maze I has four of eight worlds completed.

The Darizel graphics are ready. They look suspiciously like the RS2 graphics but are much better ;). Here is a comparison:

The one on the left is from Darizel.
6 December

A new game added to the list!

I was going through my games and realised there was a sad lack of any form of a plot in many of them. In fact, it was so bad that of the two games that had plots, one was cancelled! Of course, Rnixa's Secret 2 is my only (working) game with a full part and developed characters. 2260 and 2261 have severely underdeveloped plots, and the others have none. Finally, throughout my many games, there are only four real characters. They are all from RS2 - Rnixa, Xrimen (Rnixa's mentor), Flajein, and the Blob (Xrimen's main enemy).

I had no desire to make a whole new plot. So I kept to the good ole faithful phoenix, Rnixa.

What's the new game!!! you demand. Patience: I'm getting there.

Spoiler Warning

It was a time of great strife for the clan, as its chief had been forced to go into hiding. After the Blob was expelled from Gold Palace, and again from the Ice Palaces, he had taken refuge in a remote corner of the earth. For almost twenty years he and his followers lived in the shadows, devoid of hope.

But then a sign came from above. A baby was born with an very unusual trait, marking him as the One - he was purple in colour. His people named him Darizel, after the great Kings of Olde, believing he alone had the power to defeat the clan's arch-nemesis, Rnixa, and reclaim her precious locket.

Darizel (or Rnixa's Secret 4) is the story of the enemies from Rnixa's Secret, as they struggle to reclaim what they lost. It has a fully developed plot and should exceed RS2 in complexity. It may take (quite) a while to get to completion, but, although it is barely started, I fully reccomend it regardless.

1 December
A new feature was added to the main page, where you can sort the games by difficulty, my rating, or the order they were made in (I don't recommend the last option, as my worst ones will come up first.)
Also, there are catagory lists at the bottom of the main page, breaking my games into separate catagories, e.g. strategy or action.
29 November

Maze IV released!!!
Though by no means near Rnixa's Secret in complexity, this game has some of my best graphics ever. It also has numerous secret areas and hidden gems. Try to beat all twenty normal levels and unlock the five bonus levels!

24 November
A new front page was created!
22 November
I'm applying to college now (if you don't know me, I'm only 18!), and am putting a supplement on the site for college reps. If you are not a college representative, please ignore it.
12 October
Some Maze I screenshots released.
27 September

2261 V 1.1 released!!!
(Note: Version 1.1 is not earlier than the old one. The message on 2/3/08 was incorrect - the old version was 1.0.2, not 1.2.)

29 August
New game on the list: Maze1!
This is going to be a remake of the original. It should be a lot of fun. I'm not certain when it will be done.

FAQ (continued):
Q: Didn't you say Maze1 was worse than 2260???
A: That's why I'm remaking it. Other than the fact that there is no colour, it is a very good game.

Q: Why is there no colour?
A: It makes it look more "ancient".

Q: Why is the main character a gray circle in the screenshot?
A: Same reason Rnixa is a red box in the RS3 screenshot. The game is not finished yet. In the final version there will be a real player image ;).
28 August
Rnixa's Secret 2 version 5.2 Released
There were several errors/ bad images in RS2 V5.0, so this update fixed them. I also changed some images.
If anyone can beat the game (all 3 maps) please tell me in the comments section. It is very hard ;).

Also, sorry, but RS3 has been cancelled. There were several unusual errors, and it froze when you walked into certain areas. Also, all textures were rendered upside-down! I cannot fix these bugs, so I'm stopping the game. There will be other (better) ones coming soon!
20 August

Rnixa's Secret 2 V5.0 Released!!!!!

This version has the long-expected hard map, which is fundamentally different from the other two. The levels are in a different order, there are new bosses, enemies, and skills, and map areas, and the map has a conclusive finale ending (if you get that far, as it is the hard map ).
Also the graphics are better and I revived a part of RS1, SEASONS!! If you run the game in winter it is very different than it is in spring, e. g. The game uses your computer's clock, so to test it you can set your clock to sometime in January '09 and see the game in winter.
If you find any glitch please report it in the comment section of "Rate this game".
It is supposed to be able to load old files (from version 2.0 and up) but this feature has occasional errors and some info may be lost. Make a copy of the file before trying to load it. The game runs fullscreen in 16-bit colour.
note: this game is officially the one I spent longest on - to test the seasons I set my clock ahead for spring, and as a result there are probably a few files with last-modified dates in 2009! (check images/cliff3.bmp)

19 August
I think this site needs a FAQ. No one has commented on any of my games so I'll just have to guess at which questions would be asked.

Q: Aren't Jump1, Maze3D, and Rnixa's Secret basically the same thing?
A: yes.

Q: Why has Rnixa's Secret stayed the featured game for so long?
A: The version online is outdated, but the one I've got is much better, so I still say RS2 is good enough for the featured game.

Q: Why does Rnixa's Secret not have a hard map?
A: Uh... my version has a hard map ;).

Q: What happened to Rnixa's Secret 1 (and Maze challenges I & II)
A: The games really do exist. It's just they were written in JavaScript so they would run online, but they're so slow they are not practical to use. RS1 was kinda cool (I think), but Maze challenge I was awful (worse than 2260). So I'm remaking that one, but don't expect it for a while.

Q: How can a game be worse than 2260?
A: You should see it.

Q: And why does 2260 come up first when it's the worst game on the site.
A: First, 2260 is not the worst. Maze3D is easily the worst game on the site. The reason 2260 appears first is that the games are sorted alphabetically, and the computer thinks "2" comes first, before "A". I should rename it to "Zzzzz2260".

Q: What are the top three worst games on the site?
1. Maze3D
2. 2260
3. Crossfire
(They're the first games I made - what d'you expect???)

Q: Are you ever going to make any good games?
A: I'll take that as an opportunity to list my 3 favourite.
1. Rnixa's Secret 2 (my version)
2. BlockBuilder
3. Maze IV

Q: Only one of those is currently on the site.
A: Oh... yeah...

Q: So I've just got to wait for the "good" games?
A: No. Download BlockBuilder now!

I hope that answered any questions you might have had about this site.
I'll go and sort the games so the better ones are first.
15 August
BlockBuilder 3.1 released. Has better graphics & you can now save and resume later.

9 August
BlockBuilder 2.1 released (version 2.0 didn't run).

Maze 4 screenshots now are online.
08/08/08 (a few hours later)
Screenshots are ready for BlockBuilder! You have just enough time to download and play the game before the Olympics.
8 August (08-08-08)!!!

BlockBuilder Version 2.0.3 released!!!

This is not the game for those who like to zone out in front of their computer screens. BlockBuilder is the first strategy game since Pyramids of Uorlon. Though it is deceptively easy in the beginning, when you get about 4 colours of blocks it becomes very challenging.
It comes with a fullscreen and windowed version, and has (minimal) sound (but that beats most my games, which have none). And it is the first game to have people in it (well, more like cartoon people).
I'll get the screenshots soon.
27 July
I apologise for the three month abscence...
Anyway, BlockBuilder and the final version of RS2 are almost ready. The hard map in Rnixa's Secret got a lot more complicated than I first intended. It has taken a lot of time... sorry. Also, sorry for the very long delay with BlockBuilder - I was busy with Rnixa's Secret.
Finally (lot's to say after 3 months of inactivity) there are 2 more games I'm working on, the sequels to Maze3D and Rnixa's Secret.
Maze4 is almost done, but if RS3 takes longer than RS2 (and I expect it will), it could take until 2010. Or more. By the way I hope that Rnixa's Secret 3 will "beat" all the rest when it comes out :) .
24 April
Maze3D released.
3 March
The old version (1.0.1) of 2261 had extra (unnecessary) files, so the next version (1.0.2) is now released.
2 March

2261 V 1.2 released!!!

2261 is the sequel to 2260. It has 2 views (press V to switch).
If it does not work in Vista try downloading and installing all the recommended updates.
23 February
Rnixa's Secret version 2.1 released!
V2.1 has an easy map also. Try the easy map (it's not really super-easy, just easier than normal).
RS2 version 2.1 has also fixed the 'stairs glitch' where you would go go upstairs on a certain level (notably Gold Palace) and die, then be revived somewhere totally random, e. g. in a wall.