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       Jump 3 is a fun and easy Mario style game. Currently there are no levels so you must use the editor to make your own. In this early release there is no Multiplayer support...
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17 March 2012

Brand new game—
Spatial Integration released!!!

It's been over a year, and it's time to get back into the gaming! I've had this one 90% done since the end of last summer, but never got around to it... So I figured it's time to throw it out to the web. Later versions will have sound, more level sets, etc., but the current version is no beta - it's the full thing. Though a deceptively simple game, it can be challenging, (frustrating), and fun! Check it out!
16 February 2011
Moving the book stuff to the publishing portion of the site, where it really belongs... This page will be reserved for games and game news.

Also adding a new status for unfinished projects, because there seem to be an awful lot of those...
14 February 2011

Maze IV Version 3.0 released!!!
Maze IV is back, and now (through a wise suggestion by Anthony A. Birch) with sound! Fixed a few glitches on the level 4 & 13 maps, borrowed the explosion effects from the expansion pack, and, finally, added sound and music to the game!

2 January 2011
Another game is in the early developement phase, most of the rest (Darizel, Maze I, Jump3, etc.) being abandoned for a while. More on this if time permits.
5 August 2010

Maze IV Expansion Pack Released!!!!!

The Maze IV Expansion Pack is complete! Explore ten new, huge levels with a whole bunch more secret areas and difficult mazes, including a secret area with over one thousand points (in all gold gems!)
18 July 2010
The Maze IV Expansion Pack is about 90% complete - should be coming shortly.
8 June 2010
Whoever said “AWESOME!!!!!!!! Especially level 20, that map is HUGE!”: Thanks!! This brings Maze IV back to my attention - it seems to be the site's most popular game, so I'm planning on an expansion pack! (Sometime this summer).
25 May 2010
I'm going to put up a section containing all my CS projects from this quarter - some of them are entertaining, and I reckon Maze Generator can be expanded into something... let's call it Maze S (S is the Roman Numeral for ½). Also, I'm hoping to get a sitewide puzzle/challange set up over the summer.
21 April 2010
My sincerest apologies that nothing has been added to this site for ages. College work is very demanding, and there is no time for games. Eventually, I will finish Maze I and Darizel, but not before the summer...
5 November 2009
The site is back up, but I've got a lot of schoolwork, so it will be a while before anything happens...
2 September 2009
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