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How to Download the Games
Download Steps:
This page describes how to download and play my games.
Warning: If you don't have Windows Vista, the steps may be a little different.
If you don't have windows, they might be very different.
Downloading the Games...
Downloading depends on your browser. I've outlined the steps for two of the most common browsers below:
Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)Mozilla FireFox 3.0

First click the picture of the game you want to download, and you will get a box like this. Click Save.

Select a location to download the file to. The desktop is a good choice, or a specified download directory.

First click the picture of the game you want to download, and you will get a box like this. Click OK.

Wait until this finishes. However, do not open the file. You need to extract it first.
Go to the location you downloaded the game to (in this example I downloaded to the desktop). Right-click the file and you should see a list of options. Click on "Extract All".
You should see a message box similar to this one. You can leave the directory like it is or type in a place you want to install the game (e. g. c:\Program Files\mazei)
Click on "Extract".
You should see a box like this.

I've seen some of the bigger games (like Maze IV) take several minutes.
Find the folder where you extracted to. If you didn't type anything into the box in step 2 it should be in the same place as the download file. Click on it to open it.
Better quality pic :)
Find the Application (not the icon file). If it says "Application" or the game's name under it or tells you the version number when you mouse over it, it's the application. Click on the application to run it.

Shortcuts (yay)

If you don't want to find the application every time you want to play, right-click it and choose "Create Shortcut". Drag the shortcut to your desktop. You can play the game by clicking on the shortcut instead of opening the folder. (if you choose to do this I recommend you first move the game folder (e. g. jump1) to C:\Program Files or somewhere it won't get in your way. Leaving both the game folder and shortcut on your desktop can clutter your desktop and make it look sort of messy.)
A box like this might pop up. Un-check the "Always ask before opening this file" box and click "Run".
Then have fun with the game!
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