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       Rnixa's Secret 2 has eight levels of adventure, and is the only completed game at this moment with a fully developed plot. It has three difficulty levels, but to beat the finale you must beat them all! It is very fun and challenging!
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Unfinished (3.5MB)

      Collect keys, open doors, ride moving platforms and forcefields, and dodge enemies through eight worlds of strategic and enigmatic mazes! This is a "resurrection" of the original Maze 1. Though the entire game is in grayscale, it is still (very) fun and challenging.
Much of Maze1 is based on Chips ChallengeTM, so if you like this game you should try Chips ChallengeTM!

This beta version has no instructions and only half the levels, but it was taking too long to fix everything...
Version: 0.1 BETA Difficulty: Super Hard (10)
Game Rating: 3.45

(20 polled)
Polled Difficulty:
Medium (5.2)
(22 polled)
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IDE used: Dev-C++ Library: Allegro
Based on Chips ChallengeTM
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