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       Rnixa's Secret 2 has eight levels of adventure, and is the only completed game at this moment with a fully developed plot. It has three difficulty levels, but to beat the finale you must beat them all! It is very fun and challenging!
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Rnixa's Secret 2
Game #9
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      Rnixa the phoenix has trained for a long time under her wise old master, Xrimen. Now, once again, enemies cover the lands, and the two phoenixes must keep their locket safe. But this time, Xrimen is not up to the task. She is, after all, 10,000 years old! She must rely on her apprentence, Rnixa, to find the eight relics that unlock the locket's secret, before their enemies do. Along the way she will need constant help from her mentor, advice and skills, but in the end it comes down to whether Rnixa can suceed. This is her one chance to prove herself, or she will lose everything....
Version: 5.2 Difficulty: Super Hard (9.5)
Game Rating: 3.25

(36 polled)
Polled Difficulty:
Medium (4.5)
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IDE used: Dev-C++ Library: Allegro
Based on Legend of ZeldaTM
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